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Best Supplements For Footy Players

footyTaking supplements is a common practice amongst footy players because they provide a range of benefits but not all supplements that are taken will work. Therefore, it is important to be careful about your choice of selection when it comes to choosing the supplements.

While there is a range of different supplements that football players can take, there are some that are better than the others. The top supplements for footy players are:


Glutamine is a common choice amongst football players. This is because it has a range of benefits to offer. When it comes to glutamine, let’s not forget that it can replenish the declining glutamine levels during serious workouts. Glutamine also works to help in maintaining the cell volume and hydration levels and works to speed up and heal the wounds during recovery. Glutamine is also a very important nutrient for your intestines. It works to repair a leaky gut and works to keep the overall functioning of the bowels intact.

Glutamine is a popular choice amongst football players for the reasons mentioned above.


Creatine is another common supplement taken by footy players. It works to increase your strength, size, and muscle growth. Creatine should be taken offseason especially if you are stuck on your current size and strength levels. A lot of young athletes don’t take creatine or shy away from it but it does have incredible benefits to offer.


This was an obvious choice for this list but it’s important to choose a decent product. A good whey or hemp protein are probably the best options. You could also opt for a good sugar free option such as those offered at Focus Performance.


Football players must take vitamins if they want to excel in the sport. Vitamin D comes from sunlight but you can increase your levels in supplement form. Vitamin D plays a huge role in helping the body absorb calcium and it also works to keep the bones strong. Vitamin D also helps in the healthy functioning of the immune system and decreases your chances of getting sick. Therefore, if you haven’t been going out in the sun or you need a supplement to keep all of your levels intact, Vitamin supplements are your best bet. And that’s just one option; there are other supplements that you can find as well such as multivitamins.


BCAA is short for branched chain amino acids. BCAAs are the building blocks of protein. You can take BCAAs while you are in your training sessions in order to give your muscles the right dose of amino acids that they need. BCAAs makes sure that your body gets the right and well absorbed amino acids exactly at the time that it wants and needs.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is a name familiar to most these days. Omega 3 supplements offer many benefits. For starters, they work to ensure a healthy functioning of the body and can help in fighting major ailments such as anxiety and others. They are good for footballers because they nourish the body with the right dose of supplements and can reduce the risk of heart disease and more.

While there is a range of supplements available for football players, there are some that are better than the others. Footballers do take supplements more often than not and the most common types of these supplements have been listed above.


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